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New Year :)

Posted in Music, Private with tags , , , , , , , on January 4, 2008 by bloodymonique

Just had to put this here:

Started great, we almost missed 12… But we made it, in the last minute. We drunk Coca Cola from cognac glasses and “Bruderschaft” 😛 Mixed everything 😛 We had really fun. I went to bed at 11 a.m. We watched many movies, even that musical Hairspray. The songs are good for a musical 😀 Movie at itself, well… naive, not a masterpiece, but we had fun watching it…

The second thing: I’ve listened to the Veronica Mars Soundtrack. In my opinion the Show is quite borring, but many of the songs are great. My favorites:

GHOST ride it!!!!! Yeah!!!!

FREAK SHOW in your neighborhood