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Who Are You?

Posted in Movies, Private with tags , , , on March 5, 2008 by bloodymonique

I was on the site and did some of them. Here is what came out:


But I’ve changed the answer to¬†the One question I wasn’t sure about:

You find out that the person you love once slaughtered some people. You…

a) Stay with them anyway and try to work it out
b) Kill them, but spend a long time in mourning
c) Vow never to speak to them again
d) Get even more turned on by them
e) Leave town in a hurry

first I chose: Get even more turned on by them ( :D:D:D ), but than changed to Stay with them anyway and try to work it out. After that they told I’m:


So, doesn’t matter which way, Spike or Buffy, I’m always the coolest ūüėõ

And here are some other results:


No!!! That’s not true, is it… I’m not a control freak!!


Hmmm…¬†again¬†¬†the rebel…¬†ūüėõ


MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER… well, ¬†that’s nothing I & My Friends don’t know already :D:D:D


Fuck!!! I love this: You try and try to be nice… I even don’t try… why pretend ūüôā


Too exhausted

Posted in Private with tags , , , on December 18, 2007 by bloodymonique

I’m too exhausted to write anything… Saturday – Sunday from 8 am to¬†5 pm¬†at¬†the¬†university,¬†“learning”¬†about¬†german¬†literature¬†and¬†grammar…¬†The¬†first¬†one¬†was¬†Ok,¬†but¬†grammar¬†yak¬†igit¬†bleh.

Who¬†can¬†talk¬†bout¬†the microstrukture of¬†a dictionary¬†1,5h.¬†You¬†can’t¬†even¬†imagine¬†how¬†bored¬†we¬†all¬†were¬†and¬†what¬†we¬†did¬†because¬†of¬†this talkin.¬†And¬†the¬†saddest¬†thing¬†–¬†the¬†teacher¬†was¬†telling¬†us¬†this¬†crap¬†with¬†such¬†a¬†passion¬†:/

Dying, need some rest, will¬†write¬†something¬†soon, hope ūüėõ

Latest movie  I saw:



Barbossa was ONLY dead

Ohhhh yeah :)

Posted in Private with tags , on November 28, 2007 by bloodymonique

Dostalam piekny mail dzisiaj ūüėÄ Oto jego kawalek:

Informujemy, Ňľe zam√≥wienie zostaŇāo zrealizowane.

Zam√≥wienie powinno zostańá dorńôczone przez kuriera w nastńôpnym dniu roboczym od dnia nadania.

czyli¬†teoretycznie¬†dzisiaj,¬†a¬†mnie¬†w¬†domu¬†nie¬†ma¬†ūüė¶¬†Wiec¬†praktycznie¬†jutro¬†bedzie…¬†A¬†co¬†do¬†zawartosci¬†to takie info w mailu bylo:
My Winter Storm [Deluxe Edition]

Poraz pierwszy taka mila Surpsise, bo mowili ze bedzie dopiero w styczniu dostepne, a tu juz !!!! Haaaappppyyyyy :):):)

Jeszcze¬†tylko¬†Sonata¬†Arctica¬†musi¬†zawitac¬†w¬†mym¬†domu¬†na¬†mej¬†honorowej¬†p√≥Ňāce ūüėÄ

Hello everyone :)

Posted in Private with tags on November 25, 2007 by bloodymonique

Mam na imie…. mam… lat….what the hell…? Te rzeczy wyjda w praniu ūüėÄ Narazie tylko tyle ze zaczynam pisac bloga tu, bo stary mnie wkurzal coraz bardziej & it’s time for a change, sobie zadcydowalam :]

Co na wstepie chce jeszcze: Bloody Hugs & Kisses for my dear Sister, love U :*


We¬†are¬†Sisters¬†¬†Of The Night ūüôā