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SA NATA A NA, I Will Never Blink!!!

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You know who is that about… no need for words… just watch ūüėõ

Beside¬†that¬†funny¬†part¬†¬†I wanna write some personal stuff, too. I went yesterday through my own personal hell. I even drunk the whole damn bottle of the freaking wine – it was not good, had to puke later… I know, everyone has those fucking days. My dad was brought to home earlier, ‘coz something happened with his leg. And I know His father died of something like that, so you can imagine how terrible it was for me. And the “best” part – I called one of my best friends, the best of the best, ‘coz I wanted talk to her… but well… it wasn’t very suspicious for her that I called over¬†15¬†times¬†in¬†5¬†minutes,¬†nooo.¬†Even¬†didn’t¬†text¬†me,¬†nothing.

I’m¬†disappointed… But let’s stop this buuuu the world is brutal shit. My dad has only to inject himself medicine into the stomach for two weeks. So let’s have some PEANUT FU fun


Jeff Dunham – Arguing With Myself

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I just finished watching the show for the third time in the last 3 and half hour- its run time is 69 minutes! Jeff is awesome! Funny as hell… Here are some of my favorite Jokes:
Jeff: At wallmarc, what would be your opening line?
Walter: Welcome to Wallmarc, get your shit and get out!… Have a nice day.
Jeff: How long you’ve been married?
Walter: …46 years
J: What was the happiest moment of your life?
W: 47 years ago
W: See this lovely young lady sitting right here? This gorgeous young thing? Do you see her?
J: Yeah
W: Oh well… Only thing you can do now is run to the end of your chain and bark!

New Year :)

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Just had to put this here:

Started great, we almost missed 12… But we made it, in the last minute.¬†We¬†drunk Coca Cola from cognac glasses and “Bruderschaft” ūüėõ Mixed everything ūüėõ We had really fun. I went to bed at 11 a.m. We watched many movies, even that musical Hairspray. The songs are good for a musical ūüėÄ Movie at itself, well… naive, not a masterpiece, but we had fun watching it…

The¬†second¬†thing:¬†I’ve listened to the Veronica Mars¬†Soundtrack.¬†In¬†my¬†opinion¬†the¬†Show¬†is¬†quite¬†borring, but many of the songs are great. My favorites:

GHOST ride it!!!!! Yeah!!!!

FREAK SHOW in your neighborhood

I don’t like Christmas

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Don’t like¬†Christmas at all, but this Song¬†is just¬†amaizing¬†:D:D:D:D:D:D

And my favorite: SILENCE!! Night :D:D:D