Jeff Dunham – Arguing With Myself

I just finished watching the show for the third time in the last 3 and half hour- its run time is 69 minutes! Jeff is awesome! Funny as hell… Here are some of my favorite Jokes:
Jeff: At wallmarc, what would be your opening line?
Walter: Welcome to Wallmarc, get your shit and get out!… Have a nice day.
Jeff: How long you’ve been married?
Walter: …46 years
J: What was the happiest moment of your life?
W: 47 years ago
W: See this lovely young lady sitting right here? This gorgeous young thing? Do you see her?
J: Yeah
W: Oh well… Only thing you can do now is run to the end of your chain and bark!


One Response to “Jeff Dunham – Arguing With Myself”

  1. _Was is it good for you
    _I can’t remember

    _We just finish
    _ But Who are you

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