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New Year

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We – my Sister and I – will party all night long :D:D:D I Hope it’ll be a great time.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My poor Sister

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X-mas suck… Next reason, I thought we can talk a lot while those days, but nooo. My Sister’s computer crashed. And try to repair it trough holidays – impossible!! I’m so sorry for you, my dear:(  I’m with you :*:**:

I really hate computers…

But, hey, that’s not bad too… Like one comment says: “He needs a Hug”… but who’s so brave 😛


I don’t like Christmas

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Don’t like Christmas at all, but this Song is just amaizing :D:D:D:D:D:D

And my favorite: SILENCE!! Night :D:D:D

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! I hate Christmas so!

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And now I even have a reason to hate this time! A sad one… My bunny passed away… How could I be happy without your cute little nose smellin that tasty carrot, withou jumpin on my bed and runnin to and away from Rex… We will miss you… I feel so empty, how could I pretend everything’s OK…?


Today’s evening

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Well I was sitting as usual on the couch and watching TV, while a break I thought why not to play bit with my dog, I took his toy and hold it. Rex (that’s his name) thought that the best way to reach the toy will be to jump on me, first only with 2 paws. But when I said 15 kg would be enough weight on my legs he looked at me like at an insane and jumped with the whole himself. I should say, he’s not a small but a 45kg one plus his breath was TOO close to my nose. And his paw was stuck and try to explain a dog he has stop moving… After all he’s on the floor again and I have a big scratch on my hip… But, of course, I still love him 😉

Too exhausted

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I’m too exhausted to write anything… Saturday – Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm at the university, “learning” about german literature and grammar… The first one was Ok, but grammar yak igit bleh.

Who can talk bout the microstrukture of a dictionary 1,5h. You can’t even imagine how bored we all were and what we did because of this talkin. And the saddest thing – the teacher was telling us this crap with such a passion :/

Dying, need some rest, will write something soon, hope 😛

Latest movie  I saw:



Barbossa was ONLY dead

Moonlight – My Next Obsession :D

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Bloody Thanks to my dear SISTER for telling me ’bout this great TV Show, like it very. We had to wait a long time for a new one ’bout vampires… Like Mick, obvious 😛 But Joseph… I like his age.. I mean 85 years… for a vampire… it’s like a baby for humans 😛 But Joseph with his 400… ohhhh yeah :D:D:D:D